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Machinery is expensive to purchase, dont let poor maintainence keep you from earning you money or getting you home.  Let us help you with your preventative maintainence or repairs at a more convenient time. No one likes break downs.



It's important to have your machine running correctly. Having a good tune saves on your fuel bill and it's equally as important to make sure it stops correctly.  


Don't risk your families lives.  Book an appointment today.


Whether servicing your lawn mower, tractor, car, boat or your motorcycle. Make sure its done right.


Using the correct oil's and lubricants ensures that your machine will be good for years to come.


Did you know that using the incorrect oil type can grade will be detrimental on your machines longevity.


DONT RISK IT  Have it done right the first time give us a call now to make an appointment.


We only use proven and reliable products. Tyre's are no different. 


Let us also service your suspension and components.  


With modern motorcycle suspension & depending on the use, the oil should be changed regulary every 40-50 hours to maintain consistent dampening and stop any premature wear.