This is our entry level package for riders who have alternative setups to the WP xplor suspension system.

The first step when it comes to uprading of suspension, design is to revamp your existing suspension to give you that new bike feeling again.

Have a offroad bike fitted With any of the following suspensions:


  • KYB CC/ OC (sherco, yamaha, beta, early model gas gas)
  • WP CC /OC (early model ktm 16 or earlier, early sherco, some adventure bikes)
  • Showa 49mm CC (suzuki, honda)

Then Our Alternative Fork Clubman package is for you.

We can do all types of front suspension units and shocks. With all the tooling and knowledge and experience we can cater to any riding style, bike or desired suspensions experience.

Package includes:


  • Rebuild/revalve service of Forks (including: full strip, fluids, seals, bushes, and labour)
  • Rebuild/revalve service of Shock- (This includes full strip, all seals, fluids, low friction piston bush and nitrogen.) 
  • Bladder conversion Kit installed in shock, wp.

Along with:

Dyno setup to check for quality assurance. With all of our services we test the spring-rates and preload and advise on any other parts needed before progressing.

PLUS FREE* FREIGHT and shipping box to suit. *Free standard freight. Upon your order/deposit, we ship you the box, you remove bleeders if fitted, fill in the rider sheet, drop it at the post office.
We take care of the rest, carry out the work and ship it back as soon as possible. You can upgrade to express freight for an additional fee.

**new springs for additional $360 inc shock and fork (RRP $440)**

Alternative Fork Type Clubman Package