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Wheel Seal Bearing Kit (WSB-KIT-R006-KTM-Hus)
Front Wheel Seal Bearing Kit
A kit to bring together products for servicing your wheels. The products are superior in protection from off road contamination and frequent high pressure washing.
With their customised design and materials they are considered the most durable and long lasting for longer service intervals.
Due to the extensive years of research and development SKF products are the most technologically advanced and this is the standard that has been set for industry. Each part produced by SKF compliments the next. Stand-alone performance is superior but when several products are brought together the benefits are second to none. As the products are all designed to increase performance of the motorcycle, made from the most robust materials and are created with greater protection to make service intervals longer due to state of the art engineering and manufacturing.

Wheel Seal Bearing Kit (WSB-KIT-R006-KTM-Hus)
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SKF Wheel Seals Benefits
Increased sealing efficiency with reduced friction and reduced power loss
Spacer included for an ideal seal running surface and optimum seal performance
Resistance to high pressure water wash with patented integrated rotating plastic shield
Overall higher reliability for continued high performance of the motorcycle
Wheel Bearing Benefits
Rubber sealed on both sides
Suitable for high speed
Increased life and performance
Robust in operation
Widely considered the most durable and long lasting
This kit contains parts for servicing one rear wheel:
2 x Wheel Seals
2 x Spacers
2 x Wheel Bearings
Suitable for the following models:
FE390 2010-2012
FE450 2004-2012
FE550 2004-2008
FE570 2004-2010
FE650 2004-2008
TE125 2T 2013-2014
TE250 2T 2013-2014
TE300 2T 2013-2014
FE250 4T 2013-2014
FE350 4T 2013-2014
FE450 4T 2013-2014
FE501 4T 2013-2014
TE125 2014
TE250 2014
TE300 2014
FE250 2014
FE350 2014
FE450 2014
FE501 2014
85 SX 2003-2012
125 SX 2003-2012
125 EXC 2003-2014
144 SX 2007-2008
150 SX 2009-2012
150 XC 2010-2012
200 SX 2003-2004
200 XC 2006-2012
250 SX 2003-2012
250 SX-F 2005-2012
250 EXC-F 2005-2014
250 XC 2006-2012
300 MXC 2003-2005
300 XC 2006-2012
300 EXC 2006-2014
350 SX-F 2011-2012
350 EXC-F 2011-2014
400 XC-W 2007-2010
400 EXC-F 2003-2007
450 MXC RFS 2004-2005
450 SX-F 2005-2012
450 XC 2006-2009
450 EXC-F 2003-2014
525 EXC-F 2003-2006
530 EXC-F 2008-2011

Rear wheel seal spacer and bearing kit