Shock Service.  Adding a shock service to your cart? Read on and see the info attached.




We have the know how, equipment and parts to service, rebuild, revalve and fix whatever you require.


Our shock services include,

Dyno pre/post to check condition and gas levels.

Ultrasonically cleaned inside and out.

Stripped and full inspection of all wear components.

Rebuild as per customer interaction.

Includes vaccing of shock, new oil, shims and nitrogen.


While at it we also check the spring rates and record them. We check these against your riding type and weight* and make reccomendations to suit.


YES we can also revalve to suit your application, use our datalogger to get your chassis balanced or to check the damping and valving requirements you need or bolt on some trick bits to really increase the performance of your machine.


This all adds to faster lap times and more comfort and control.






Clicking add to cart starts the ball rolling. This deposit comes off of the bill, secures you a space and we make contact with you and discuss your options.


If you have advised us that is.*

Shock Service

  • This secures a spot, gets the ball rolling and we can contact you before we even see your suspension. We can discuss with you what your needs are and get parts underway if low stock to ensure a quick turnaround. The deposit of $99 comes off of your bill at completion.

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