N10Z - Dynamic Valve.


The N10Z Dynamic Valve, is the comp side only that replaces the stock innefective unit.


Have you seen the stock compression fork on a dyno or with a datalogger? It does exactly what you feel on the bike. Nothing, the low speed adjuster actually does nothing to adjust the fork in the low speed range where we all want need the adjustment. Throw it and replace it with something that works.


The dynamic valve is the economic version to equip the Xplor fork with more stability and bottom out resistance.


It's easy to install, very efficient, very good price-gain ratio. You'll actually be amazed by this mod over stock.


The patent pending N10Z cone technology dynamically adapts to all the riding situations. It automatically demands a softer or stiffer damping that is remotely adjusted on the fly. (internal hydraulic actuation) The only thing better is a pro kit.

WP Xplor fork dynamic valve

$400.00 Regular Price
$350.00Sale Price