N10Z - eXplor Fork PRO kit.  Want to transform your WP Xplor forks in either Sherco, Ktm, Gas Gas or Husqvarna? Sick of arm pump, tingly hands, sore wrists or a pogo riding bike that will deflect of nearly anything near the track? Then you need the Xplor pro cone valve kit with proper bottom out control, adjustable base valves and cone mid valves that actually dynamically dampen to the conditions.  This is not another quick fix, this will totally transform your ride for a small cost compared to factory components or CC fork conversions. You will get much more comfort and confidence from this install. Whats in the kit?2x N10Z cone mid valve & rebound piston assemblies. 2x adjustable comp base unitsN10Z Hydro stops Xplor conversion kit to open cardrige system,with N10Z cone mid valves.

WP Xplor fork Pro Kit