N10Z - eXplor Fork PRO kit.


Want to transform your WP Xplor forks in either Sherco, Ktm, Gas Gas or Husqvarna?


Sick of arm pump, tingly hands, sore wrists or a pogo riding bike that will deflect of nearly anything near the track?


Then you need the Xplor PRO CONE VALVE kit, with proper bottom out control, adjustable base valves and cone mid valves that actually dynamically dampen to the conditions. This is not another quick fix, this will totally transform your forks for a small cost compared to any factory components or even CC fork conversions.


You will get much more comfort and confidence from this install.


Whats in the kit?


2x N10Z cone mid valve & rebound piston assemblies.

2x adjustable comp base units

N10Z Hydro stops (Increase bottom out)

Valve stacks to suit.


Xplor conversion kit to open cardrige system, with N10Z cone mid valves.


Variations to order inc

Pro kit DIY. Everything you need in 2 boxes to transform your forks.

Pro kit + SKF. As named it's the same kit DIY including 2xSeal kits (Dust/pressure) 

Pro Kit + SKF + Bushings. Same as above including 4 bushings (2 inner 2 outer) to rebuild your forks.

Pro Kit Installed. You can choose any of the above to DIY. Or send your suspension to us. This option includes a full strip, service, new seals, new bushings and a thorough check over. We will check spring rates, tube condition and straightness and match the setup to your riding style and preference.

Pro kit all inc + DLC. As per the install above, plus we remove your tubes and have them coated to minimise the sliding surface friction of the stock chrome tubes. (We need your forks and its generally a 14 day turnaround). *Tubes should be in good order, or we can quote to replace.

Pro kit all inc + DLC + Kashima. Same as above but the uppers are also treated to the best friction reducing coating to maximise the potential of the fork. (We need forks and you need to allow 28 days) Covid is causing everyone freight delay's.

WP Xplor fork Pro Cone Valve Kit

  • This item sells rapidly, it may be in stock but we have introduced a pre order price for this product.  Please allow approx 10 days for delivery if it is currently out of stock.