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We keep hearing the same old stories, I’m Sick of deflection and loss of grip, I cant shake this arm pump, I keep bottoming out all the time, I just cant seem to keep traction!


Have you ever thought why this is the case?


Put simply it all comes down to oil flow and pressure control in your Suspension fork or shock. For a traditional shim stack design you have a limited narrow tuning band.


what does that mean?


An experienced technician can set this up for any specific circumstance / terrain however it will never perform to its full potential outside of these specific applications that you initially set it up for.


N10Z suspension Australia's range of dynamic adjuesters, are specifically designed and extensively tested to solve just this problem!


The availability of increased oil flow through the dynamic cone valve’s multi-port design automatically adjusting your dampening on the go in reaction to varying terrain types.


Providing a far smoother ride that significantly improves bottom out resistance, while delivering unrivalled traction in a far wider range of terrain types.


The N10Z PRO Cone valve kit is your best money can buy upgrade for your fork. Sick of that arm pump and want to experience that professional suspension feeling without the price.


Kits are available for WP XPLOR and ZF suspension types.


The PRO FORK CONE VALVE kit, allows for proper bottom out control, adjustable base cone valves and cone mid valves that actually dynamically dampen to the conditions. This is not another quick fix, this will totally transform your forks for a small cost compared to any factory components or even CC fork conversions.


You will get much more comfort and confidence from this install.


Whats in the kit?




2x N10Z cone mid valve & rebound piston assemblies.

2x N10Z Dynamic cone Base valves

2x Hydro stops (Increase bottom out)

Valve stacks to suit.




2x N10Z cone mid valve & rebound piston assemblies.

2x Dynamic cone Base valves

1x cartridge blanking sleeve

Valve stacks to suit.


We are so confident that you will love your new N10Z suspension Australia upgrade kit that we are offering a 30 day money back Guarantee on all N10Z products.  


If you do not notice an improvement in your suspension set up over your stock, simply call us and we will send you a post bag to return the item and you will be refunded 100% of the money you have spent.


Contact us today to discuss package options available including the N10Z Pro cone valve kit.

N10Z Pro Fork Cone Valve Kit

  • This item sells rapidly, it may be in stock but we have introduced a pre order price for this product.  Please allow approx 10 days for delivery if it is currently out of stock.